In the Beginning, there was. . .


Really, nothing.

For a long time, I’ve been trying to think of a way to connect with the rest of the world with my writing. I wanted to be successful and create the next hot series that everyone clamors for. Unfortunately, I had a series of false starts and I procrastinate like a motherfucker, so this is my first, truly earnest attempt at starting a blog.

This blog will primarily deal with various subjects I find interesting ranging from spurious thoughts on video games to more heavy stuff such as race relations and genocide. The latter will up in the coming week as it is an extra credit assignment for one of my classes and it gets my dick hard.

The secondary purpose for this blog is a repository for a series that I’ve been wanting to start, procrastinated on, much like a motherfucker would.

Now, I an aspiring writer, but who isn’t? I haven’t written much, but I did finish my first novel and hope to get it published. I’m in the process of writing my next novel and a couple of short stories. I’ve also written a script for a short film with a friend of mine based on his short story and I hope to write more.

And then I’ll get the bitches.

So, for the very few and exclusive readers of this site, welcome and enjoy.


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