Bland by another Name: Venus Love’s Bistro

“Fascination is what drives me. I want to know. Every detail of every facet of very minutiae, must be known by someone and it might as well be me. If knowledge is power, then I’ll be God.”

“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard today and the Critters already tried to convert me this morning.” My boss sighs and rubs his eyes. “Just do the assignment I gave ya,”

“A little blurb about a new restaurant opening in the middle of Tombaugh’s Heart is, quite frankly, beneath me, sir.”

“What happened to knowing every detail of every facet of your goddamn ballsack? A quaint little restaurant is exactly the minutiae you have in mind, right?” He tosses the file to me. They slide across the table. “Do your job, Mr. Fascination.”


“Sounds crummy.” This guy nurses his beer. He claims to be a pilot, but he just doesn’t have the swagger of one. Usually, they have the aspirations of becoming an Ace in the war between here and there. They want to be someone famous and known. Does he?

“I feel like I’m being weighed down,” I say to him. I don’t know if it’s the drink or this dull atmosphere or just his presence, but I feel like I can tell him anything. “Like I can’t be myself, you know?”

“I know all about it, dude. I used to be obliged to do something.”

“Yeah? What ended it?”

The man just shrugs, like he’s throwing off his own weights. “I ran.”

Certainly not an attention-seeker and the fact that he’s given me so little of himself shows that he doesn’t want to be known. “Ran?”

“Yeah. You think I’m a coward?”

I shrug. “Depends on what you’re running from.”

Something beeps on his chest and a voice speaks from it. “I’m all fueled up and ready to go.”

“Are you rushing me?” He replies back.

“This place is boring!”

“Alright, alright, we’ll keep going. Just don’t do anything stupid, okay?” He finishes the rest of his beer. “This tastes like shit. You can quote me on that.”

He rushes out, leaving a spinning barstool in his wake. Chance encounter. Friend made and lost in the interim. A passing acquaintance. The best thing about this harmless restaurant tailored specifically to bring out the nuclear families and those who wander the Heart in search of a bland meal just walk out and I never got his name.

I give the terribly named Venus Love’s Bistro two stars out of five. If you want something with bite in the Heart, try somewhere else.


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