Goodnight, Armageddon

How will the world end?

It is a question with too many variables at play. Seeing that far out into the future, nothing can ever be certain. Just as there are many variables, there are many ways the world can end. First, let me get an assumption cleared up: it won’t be just THE world. Earth, our home, will be long gone before the End comes. We’ll still feel its presence. Like a lost lover, it’ll tug at our hearts with its gravity. Perhaps it won’t be gone for too long. That’s unclear. The main thing is that it won’t be the only place we reside.

Humanity will flourish, cementing itself in the furthest reaches of the System. Unfortunately, it’ll only be the System. A few planets and moons and stations and dwarf planets. But, yes, worlds. Plural. But the galaxy will still be a dream. The End will take our worlds and the galaxy with it. It will claim all from the smallest of particles to the most massive of celestial bodies. The End is in my sight.

It is a dark region of abrupt blackness. My vision blurs the further out I see. Chance and probability consume my thoughts, becoming possible rocks for me to crash against. You might not realize it, but the placement of an electron is quite important. Its effect echoes throughout the macroscopic on the wings of a butterfly. To calculate the end, I will enter a Long Sleep. I won’t be woken for more than two centuries, but when I wake up, those blurry shores will sharpen and we can navigate the rocky bottom.

There is precedence for this. The longer I contemplate on a string of fate, the more accurate my prediction will be. Days and weeks require little thought, but months and years need to be thought out.

So, I will enter this Long Sleep, but I will leave you with a prophecy: as the Armageddon weaves the strings of fate, the Catastrophe shall befall a Heartless and drag the Earth into nothing, and the Calamity will awaken hungry.

Have fun with all of that. Ciao!


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