Meet Me in the Middle

Respect. That’s the spice in this melting pot that makes this country so great. In the face of so much adversity, so much strife, we have to come together so that America can be and remain great. We have to move past our differences and focus on what brings us together. We have to have respect. 

Pay no mind to the agitators out there clamoring for the same rights as the rest of us. They want to divide us. I invite them to come join us in our great endeavor. We can come together, but they have to stop criticizing this country first.

They whine about being killed in the streets. They worry if they will be able to legally marry in the future. They nitpick the persecution they get because the color of their skin. They nag about not receiving the same wage as men. They grumble about not freely being who they are without being accosted for it. These are just what makes us different. Focusing on these attributes of your identity will only separate us when we should be uniting in our cause to let racial, sexual, and gender discrimination run rampant; to amplify the acidic drug war; to decay our schools; and so on ad infinitum.


You can’t meet people like that in the middle. There’s no compromising on your existence. There is no negotiating on your identity. People like that will keep espousing useless platitudes such as “we have to come together” because they want to keep the status quo while you’re out here struggling to simply survive as you are. They don’t respect you. It’s hard to come together when they have a knife in their hand.


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